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Conduit Pipe Bender

20 mm & 25 mm

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A conduit pipe bender is a tool used to bend metal conduit pipes in order to create custom bends and curves. The tool consists of a long handle and a set of curved jaws that grip the conduit pipe. By applying force to the handle, the jaws of the bender gradually bend the pipe into the desired shape. Conduit pipe benders come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types and sizes of conduit pipes. Some benders are designed for use with handheld manual force, while others may be electric or hydraulic-powered for larger and more heavy-duty conduit bending projects. Conduit pipe benders are an essential tool for electricians and other professionals working with electrical wiring and conduit systems. They allow for the creation of custom bends and curves in conduit pipes, which can be necessary for routing the pipes around obstacles or fitting them into tight spaces.